Tuesday, June 12, 2007

'swimming' in a sea of work


usually, i hardly dread mondays. i'd go to office expecting to have tons of work to do and prolly will never be able to finish them until mid week or so. but, today's different.

over the weekend, i've anticipated that there will be lots of things to do, and there were. i knew there were going to many phone calls to different parties, there were. i knew our strength and our support was going to be away (actually, was hoping that he'd miraculously appear today but didnt) and he was.

what i didn't expect was more conference calls, meetings, more emails to reply and last minute training cancellations which needed rescheduling. argh, all these added more to my workload.

lunch was done in a haste, though it kinda took me off work for awhile. my treat's being postponed to another day, seems like all 4 of us were busy. we actually intended to cancel it, but still went ahead. well, at least we had some laughter, which was really great medication.

at the end of the day, i was lost. lost my focus, lost what i really had to do. i prolly had attended to certain things which should not be priority, but i seriously thought they were at the point in time. i feel like i am sinking and suddenly this Fountains of Wayne song 'Sink to the bottom' came into mind..

i wanna sink to the bottom with you
i just wanna sink to the bottom with you
the ocean's big and blue
i just wanna sink to the bottom with you..


err, nope i don't want to sink. i'd do a list first thing in the morning tomorrow and ensure i finished 90% of the list. i expect to stay late, but it should be worth it.

thank goodness for badminton today, else i'd prolly gone crazy and totally sank and drowned!

ooohh...and yes, we went to mos today, but i still didn't have the burger coz i was too full! Darn..but i'm sure i'd get it one day soon.

erm, maybe tomorrow? hah!

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