Sunday, June 10, 2007

nope, i didnt

by the time i woke up this morning at 10am, my parents had left for breakfast. i went back to bed and slept till 12 ish. i decided i'd prolly go visit adrian on tues if not thurs, which also gives me time to check out hairstyles online. i glad i didn't go and i found a great site for all japanese hairstyles! i sorta have in mind what i want now. so it was good to stay home.

and as i sat on my bed watching tv, i grew intensely repulsive to the junk in my room.

i decided to take action.

i started at 2pm. it took me about half an hour to vacuum then i decided to change the bed sheets. as i went along, i decided to get rid of more clothes. it seemed like i became more into the cleaning up act, i started throwing away more things! it was damn shiok! the two things i didnt get rid of was my bills and shoes. i still couldn't decide which shoes to get rid of. i kept thinking that this/that pair would come in handy one day, i just knew it. so, all shoes were left unharmed. gone were a couple of tops and a pair of pants. hmm, excellent. more reason to buy new tops! i already had some in mind. as for pants, i still have 3 pairs which are new and i haven't even brought them for alteration, blame it on my less than perfect height.

the cleaning ended at 4pm. by then i was partially tired and extremely stinky. i was also sneezing which is prolly due to the dust. then i thought about mos burger again! shucks, wonder when this craving is gonna disappear.

can we go mos again tomorrow people?? haha.

* * *

last week, i did my weekly diy facial routine. happy that i had gone through the routine and was ready for the week ahead when i saw on mon that there's this blackhead sticking out like a sore thumb and i just had to get rid of it!! mind you, it's morning before work!! But i just had to get it out. didn't care what happened.

i managed to get rid of it successfully, but i had to trade that off with reddish skin due to the pressure of my nails.

so irritating..

i just got rid of one, i hope i'd not be surprised tomorrow.

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