Saturday, June 16, 2007

gone shopping

i finally had the chance to shop!!! after the mad mad week, i went out for a breathe of GSS air.

wicked in the sense that it was damn crowded!

met up with SC for pedi first, some pampering after the what could not be described except to say that mon to fri were mad days! love the colour on my toe nails now. it's called 'linkin park' darn cool!! super dark purple which looks like clotted blood. haa, i love it!!! SC got nice nice french pedi, i'd prolly consider doing that next time. heh!

we then headed off to TFS (the face shop) and i finally got my monthly supply of facial masks. Super delighted!! now i don't have to worry that if i have a breakout this month, i got nothing to help heal the breakout fast. got this new thing scrub made of black sugar, quite impressed by it and i am eager to start using it! total damage : $83!

thereafter, we had toast for lunch. SC left and i went shopping. bought a shirt and dress from LVER and a shirt from BYSI. spent like the longest time in there and tried out loads of stuff, dunno why i ended only buying one black short sleeved shirt... like a lot of stuff in there, but apparently didn't seem to suit me. saved some money i guess.

total clothes shopping damage: $207
total spendings today: $290!

woahh, just nice and i didn't hit $300! But i am tempted to shop again tomorrow. this time using vouchers. hmm, feel like getting another pair of jeans and i still got a shirt from ZARA which i haven't gotten. maybe get more dresses i resisted buying one just now. take note i have not hit the shoes section yet.

we'll see.. seems like once i start, i cannot stop!! hmm...

oh! and i ate the sausage foccacia from MOS!!! DAMN HAPPY AH!! coz the cream sauce is just nice, not overly creamy and blends well with the bread. the sausage's great too! love the crunchy skin and the moist inside. *slurp* i want to eat it again!!

nice, the rain has fallen again. =)

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