Saturday, June 09, 2007

haircut . junked . daily necessities . shopping

i need a haircut desperately. i should visit adrian tomorrow to get him to do something with my hair. i better go early as well, so that i can hitch a ride from my parents after breakfast to GWC and avoid perspiring from the terrible heat. weather these days if you realise, is unpredictable. when it's hot, it's extremely HOT! like this afternoon. also want to beat the crowd and do some early shopping at Forever 21, get some food from taka and then get back home to nuah.

my room's a mess, heaps of clothes, bags, old clothes, bills, books and what-have-yous. it's junked! need to get rid of the old clothes heap. it's been there since early this year, i was hoping to put it up for sale, now i just want to discard it coz there's another heap coming up. this i will prolly put up on ebay for sale coz some i've never even worn before! i give up on the bills though. i need to get rid of some old shoes as well, i just bought another two pairs two weeks ago.. ai ya ya!!

i keep forgetting to get the daily necessities which are fast becoming low in supply. powder, facial masks, shower foam, conditioner.. you get what i mean. things i cannot live without.

and yes, some shopping! perhaps a pair of jeans, cds, office wear, bikini, make up, shoes maybe?

i don't know.

let's see if i get out of the house first.

weekends are always lazy days, plus i need my energy level to be up for next week!

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