Saturday, June 09, 2007


after a two week hiatus sometime ago, we came back with a vengence.

this week was a killer! full of alcohol and food, there goes my healthy lifestyle!

the week started healthy, we did our usual badminton session. but i had a craving for mos burger coz i happened to see that they had new burgers and they looked delish! i remembered toa payoh hub had mos, so i told the gang that i had to have mos after the game.

so we went off to mos thereafter, sadly the one i wanted was out of stock and i ended up having salad and ice tea without milk which was erm rather unusual, but i was health conscious then. somehow, we started talking about prawn mee and mich mentioned that there's one which is pretty good in geylang, after our meal in mos, we headed off to geylang in search of...


the soupy version
the dried version

traffic was a horror and we had to stop near lor 14 or 16. the streets' full of people in search of, you-know-what. we passed by a stall near where we parked the car, but that wasn't the one. we walked further down (lor 12) and we found it. i was disappointed that they dont serve thick bee hoon and the uncle's attitude pretty much sucks. but all went well thereafter.

the soup was sooooo yummy and they had the big prawns. i only ordered the small one coz it was like 11pm by the time we reached there. the guys had the medium version and they looked damn good too! we talked about going for shi zi lu kuo to check out cheap yummilicious food in sg. but we still haven't decide on the date.

* * *

tues came and mich, dh and me were at Bungalow. it was their opening night and for 68+++ you can have unlimited servings of wine, sangria, champagne and beer. free flow of tapas too! i was close to being KO-ed at 12+ am and when i reached home i still managed to blog. impressive! the next morning was terrible. i felt damn bloated and kept burping away which was darn smelly!!

* * *

the gang met up again on weds and we headed to mambo coz we gave up going the week before due to the mad traffic jam and queues. so last week, we scooted off to st.james which was crazy as well but we could get in free coz dh and me had card plus it was ladies night. we all saved money.

anyway, weds mambo was crazy. the tans were in the mood to drink whereas myself, i was totally intoxicated by the day before. Mich said she'd have plain water and DH's always game. Me? I was thinking more about the morning after, so i went slow taking the lychee martini. mrs tan got herself a glass of LIT whilst we were in velvet. impressive!

we then head off to zouk and the craziness started with the five-ten game. mrs tan kept losing, mich too. haha they drank loads! at one point in time we had 9 jugs of liquor lined up!! of which two were LIT which i die die didn't drink.

pure madness!

so dh, mich and mrs tan were funnily high. it was hilarious looking at them i took pics as evidence. hee.. mr tan and me kept shaking our head the whole night. i reached home in the morning of 4.30am on thurs. surprisingly, i was wide awake for work and didn't feel sleepy at all until it was close to the end of day and i left office at 6.30pm for home. haha that i must say it was my best feat thus far!

* * *

yesterday we went karaoke at 10 dollar club and played lots of pool and sang tons of songs but went slow on the beer. my pool's still pretty good and i was damn heng. now i think i am hooked to pool again. arghhh!!! after ktv, they asked where to go, i suggested dragonfly, but i ended up not going and dh sent me back before scooting the rest of the gang to df. i heard something interesting happened to SK...heh! Not bad sia after a month long intensive study period.

it's a great week and i am having fun, but work's not... though i am looking forward to monday's lunch coz i'm gonna get some treats. heh awesome!

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