Thursday, June 21, 2007

limited editions

my snack buying craze has gone to an extend beyond my control. it's either incorrigible or unbelievable. i just bought 40 bucks of snacks today, all from japan. it's madness and i think there is no cure!!

was at carrefour with angie earlier and they displayed these japanese snacks on the shelves. mostly i have seen before, but there are a couple of 'exotic' ones which i have never come across.

i saw my fave brand Pocky and it had a new flavor!! guess what? they have tiramisu on Pocky. Super cool eh??!! Bought like 5 boxes but it's not cheap, about close to 4 bucks i think. the last flavor i tried was mango and it was damn yummy. it was sold out freaking fast in Isetan scotts and never seem to make a come back thereafter. PITY!!!!

there's also another unique flavor for another one of my fave snack - kit kat. it's damn happening! this latest flavor they have is brandy and orange. Wooo hoooo!! doubt i'd get high on it though. the latest i tried was lemon and cheese. interesting right?

then there's a new snack, don't know what it is but it's called 'Choco Dutsumi Macha' from Bourbon. it looks like mochi, but i don't think it's mochi though it's ingredients include glutinous rice. i'm excited to find out what's inside. heh.

bought some sweets as well. these was introduced to me by Gail. it's like vit C packed in a very yummy fast melt in your mouth sweet. it's awesome and i was so happy to see it in SG!

now i know that Pocky, Kit Kat (Japan version) and Bourbon are distributed by Yamakawa Trading co. maybe, one fine day i'd call and ask them when will the goma pocky come back and what other new flavors are they bringing to SG. hmm...maybe my next trip to japan i'd just buy a whole bunch of snack back and nothing else!

hah! what an idea (^_^|||) but i believe there's going to more limited editions and exotic flavors!!!

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