Tuesday, April 10, 2007

stealing time..

taking a little bit of time to type something before i concuss in bed.

got back from F1, it was a great trip. watching the race was a tad boring coz the good were too good and the bad, hmm..just didn't exactly have a fighting chance. the cars just zoomed and yeowwwww by... and i was just looking them driving by.

the highlight of the trip was supposed to be F1, but erm, turns out we were all totally awed by the grandeur of our hotel room. it was, to put it frankly, unbelievable! we were 'wowing' from the moment we walked into the room till we went out and came back again. never really thought i'd ever have the chance to stay in such a wonderful hotel. it was a dream come true and i will treasure it for the rest of my life.

thanks for the very memorable stay in genting DH, i'm sure all of us enjoyed each and every moment we girls spent in highland indonesia suite and th crazy photo taking sessions we had the second morning. we are all eager to do it again!!!

photo posting will be on the weekend. terribly tired now. going off to bed.

teabag production will resume this weekend.

hooked to 2 songs as of now..

'Through the Glass' - Stone Sour

'Where'd You Go' - Holly Brook version

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