Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1 more day!

one more day and i'm off to sepang!! i am trying very hard to contain my excitement (like real!)


it's mid week and i am tired, very stoned too.

i've decided to stop my personalized teabag production bec:

1) worth it or not?

2) very long process and no production line

3) how to deliver?

anyway, i decide to sleep early today until i was told by my bro that there are 4 additional cable channels!! how to sleep??

there're now channels 17 (hallmark), 18 (star world), 19 (AXN) and 55 (TVB issit?) i think i'd have my dose of tv dramas everyday. hah, more and more like a bed potato.

had lunch with two very fun loving gals today and i totally enjoyed myself!! i hope they did too and i'm already looking forward to the next session!!

lunch was kinda heavy and was pretty stoned thereafter. then came loads of ad hoc work, left office close to 8pm.


had KFC for dinner coz mom didn't cook. craving finally satisfied by having crispy chicken! i can skip KFC for awhile.

smsed SC to complained about work. had a good letting out steam session and great laughs when she called! so nice!!

i better remember to bring my camera tomorrow. heh, the experts are everywhere sia!!

people who love food, you MUST MUST MUST (and i super emphasize MUST!!) visit this site!!


it's simply gastronomical!!!

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