Thursday, April 19, 2007

short update

lost time for a couple of days. in fact, it's like more than a week.

got high and just got back from St. James. Totally enjoyed myself. We were there for a cause.

Speak no evil SK!!
We'll miss ya for the next 2 months!!
Outside St.James, happily high again!
Our favourite after clubbing hobby!
Taking silly shots in our BM!! :)

been busy with work and i am happy that i have just got to start over with a friend. it is indeed a leap from what we have done for the past couple of years. i am happy that we both agreed to do what's best for both of us.

i just started running. i was surprised that i could actually run continuously. the distance ain't long, but i am happy with my accomplishment.

Tues will be running day..yes it shall. As with Mon being badminton day..

actually, i can feel my muscle aching..

met up with a few old friends of late.. i am glad. it was fun! got to know new friends too! equally exciting!

got an award today as well!

thus far, i am happy to a certain extend.

life would be better if i have him by my side. somehow though, it seems to be almost impossible..

oh yeah...i still owe you guys the genting pics..

it will be up soonest.... i am looking at this weekend.

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