Saturday, April 21, 2007

snack junkie

it started one evening after i left work and went to raffles city's Jasons super mart.

i had wanted to check out the supposedly long Q donut store ( i don't even know the name) and i thought the Q was surprisingly short, until one of the patrons mentioned to me that the Q actually went beyond where i was standing. he kinda hinted that i am actually cutting Q. so i turned back and took a look. first thought that came into my mind was, 'ridiculous!' not going to Q so bloody long to get donut and i went into Jasons.

went straight to the Jap section. (i always check out the Jap section of any super mart.) I saw loads of stuff which were tempting my extremely weak mind. i bought quite a bagful!

so this craving of Japanese snacks continued and on Thurs i was with Cece shopping at Isetan Scotts super mart.

my current craze is POCKY!

my latest purchase.

i bought chips as well. have yet to try, but will do so soon i guess? prolly a short write up of these. by the way, Rocky Pocky (almonds) is the best thus far!!!

Daniel Wu's on tv right now!

He's a hottie!! Heh

ciaoz for now!!

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