Tuesday, April 03, 2007

forgive me tummy, for i have sinned

silly title ain't it? but the fact is i have consumed too much calories today!

had KFC for lunch with JY this afternoon. still having the craving coz i ate original, not exactly my fave, so i am craving for the crispy version. but darn, i so cannot eat KFC for this whole week.

resisted tidbits thereafter, but succumbed into temptation when the office girls bought the crispy fried chicken from shi lin. i had to order longan bubble tea too!

totally wicked!

grabbed two pieces of yam kway on the way to the court. i only wanted one piece, but the uncle was selling two for the price of one as it was closing time, so just took it anyway.

off to have a couple of badminton games with the gang and thought i'd have compensated for all the calories intake for today. got a can of 100 plus and polished off the second yam kway. i thought that's all for today..


i was so darn bloody wrong!!

DH suddenly mentioned that we all go have durians on the way sending me back home. he wanted to get 'heaty' coz he was too 'cool' within as such, the long suffering cough for 5 weeks.

so we zipped off to geylang and guess what? We bought 5 durians and 1 kg of jackfruit! all damn heaty!! the jackfruit was yums, but it leaves behind a sticky reside on my fingers which is freaking irritating and the smell's not very appealing either. the durians were excellent!! 5 for 15 bucks! absolutely worth the money!!

thereafter, we went to the duo jiang place to grab some soy bean drink to quench our thirst after eating all the heaty fruits. our geylang makan adventure brought us to some kopi tiams selling pretty interesting stuff.

that'd be for next time..

in the meantime, i feel so sinful!!!

by the way, F1 is this coming Friday!!

currently feeling: darn freaking excited and super duper broke!!!

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