Monday, April 02, 2007

look to your left

look to the left navi bar, you'd see that i've done some revamp to the otherwise getting boring details.

added some colours so visitors will know which words are actually links.

so orange means you have recently visited the site.

striking pink means you have yet to visit the site or havent visit the site for quite sometime.


i went to Nicole's site to see what inspiring stuff she has churned out of late and i found out about VISUAL DNA. really darn too and i just gotta try it out!

read what my visual dna says about me, i think it's quite accurate to a certain extend.


i meant to type this sometime ago, it always slipped my mind..

'i've deviated from being different and unknowing ventured into the norm. it's time to move back to where i came from. i have always been different..'

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