Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sleepily sick..

sneezed a couple of times.. i think i am getting the flu.

what's with this year that's speeding by so fast, yet making me so sickly?

it's already gonna be the month of april. is it me, or has time increased its momentum and i am too slow to catch up with it? but i seemed to not have taken a break and i am chasing after it everyday.

so what is it?

i dozed off in bed yesterday at about 9 ish 10? earliest i've ever gone to bed recently. is it the partying and the drinking that got the better of me? i am feeling lethargic and extremely tired.


turns out the thread i posted yesterday? i've remembered many details wrongly. i have made amendments (though really unnecessary, who would know except those who watched the show?) and they are in red/pink/salmon pink/baby pink? obsession with perfection.

oh.. whatever!

hopefully the massage tomorrow and the pedi on friday will make me smile and rejuvenate moi.

then again, saturday's a work day for me..

argh, i'm in a melancholy mood...


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