Tuesday, March 27, 2007

recipe - apple oolong tea

just watched 'Simple is Beautiful' (literally translated) on Ch U. secretly, i really like the program. it's everything i love to do!! all those do-it-yourself stuff. cheap and pretty. cute and very simple.

in short, i'm just a simple gal with a complicated way of looking at things.

hah! anyway, something to share below.

today, they featured this tea which seems really nice to drink. i'll try it soon. heh


1 apple
boiling water (gauge yourself)
some wolf berries (aka gou qi zi - that chinese herb which is supposed to increase your eye power?)
pure oolong tea leaves


1) boil water

2) cut apple into slices and put into boiling water

3) add wolf berries

4) then add the pure oolong tea leaves

not exactly sure what amount to put in though. hah, let me watch the re-run later and i'd update again. still not sure how much to put, i guess it's up to your digression.

4a) add a little bit of cold water

5) pour the tea over a strainer into a tea cup and then garnish with the apple slices and wolf berries

6) add two table spoons of pure honey into the tea

viola! that's all there is to it!

the tea connoisseur actually mentioned that if you drink the tea and the tea stays in your stomach and you don't feel it all over you, then that type of tea is not for you. after drinking your 'suitable' tea, you have to feel happy, glowy and smiley. the tea just has to spread within you. heh, then that's your tea! i thought that was an interesting theory..

think i want to visit 'Tea Cafe'... now now, i just need to find the location.

incidentally, the program was showing the lead missing somebody who's far far away. i like this thought or idea..

in the fast paced world we leave in, we only remember to criticize, focus on what is bad and we have forgotten to slow down to think and reflect on ourselves.

and have we thought of what do we exactly want in life?

i am in that state.. a state of not having slowed down and think properly.. chasing what might be a dream which others think will never come true. i said i'd take things in my stride and that's my final decision.

day by day, i am doing my best.

i suspect the program will have a happy ending, the lead being surprised. she and the guy who left will live happily ever after.

well, we all know that's how TV shows usually end right?

just wish that mine might have the same ending. if not, i'd love for a happier one...

awWwww... sulking again aint i?

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