Thursday, March 29, 2007


it was quite embarrassing. i think i fell asleep during the massage session.

it was quite comfy. the massage was different from the usual. the masseuse used a lot more strength and totally went down on the areas which i was tensed at. it was pure heaven, though i'd like for a little bit more strength to be added, but it felt great! else, i wouldn't have dozed off and snored.

i only found out i was snoring when i heard myself snoring.. gee.. not once, but twice! gosh, i need to dig a hole to hide my face!

tomorrow's off to pedi session! i need a good scrub for my sorry feet!! the skin on the sole of my feet are so dead that they are hard and are getting harder. i've stayed off heels more than once this week. not doing feet nor legs any good! i'm always a flip flop kind of gal, but work wear didn't incorporate flip flops as an acceptable part of the outfit. sighz!

set up a facial session for sat as well. woah, it's a week of pampering myself.

hmm, i deserve it.

and i set foot into Mango on my way back. bought, myself a bright yellow cardi @ only $49. i was contemplating to get the red version as well, i love the material and @ $49, it really wasn't that expensive. but, i resisted. i need to save money.

went to the body shop sale coz i wanted to get the blush brush. unfortunately, it was sold out and the whole place, freaking crowded!! the queue? darn freaking long. spoilt the shopping mood within me.

i think i figured why i have been so tired for the past couple of days. i think i had too heavy dinner and thus became lethargic. well, it's just my guess.

bro introduced a new cereal to me. it's excellent and very delicious! filled with crunchy almonds (one of my fave), raisins (which ain't too sweet), cranberries (great for women!), sunflower seeds, oats and other stuff. definitely better than those Dorset boxes! i'm now a fan!! though chuck says that cereals are full of trans fats (eg. margarine), i did my research (by asking my bro coz i am lazy) and he assured me that it has none of that.

great healthy breakfast!! yay! don't feel so sinful anymore!!

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