Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday's poison

i was intoxicated on Fri!

haven't been drinking for 2 weeks and the two sessions on Fri was like...xiao (mad) in short!

we went to CDM to celebrate Scott's birthday. how unfortunate that it had to pour and we couldn't hang out by the beach or in the pool. i had my sporty jacket on the whole night!! what a shame coz it was the first time i wore the top inside the jacket, which i kinda doubt i'd ever wear it again because it's too damn bloody low cut!!

anyway, the rain made the cushions too wet to be comfy even though we were in our beach wear, so we stayed indoors and started getting Scott to drink. he got high and did all sorts of funny things. was fun but not so when people start puking. DH sent Scott back and then we went labyrinth to meet Amy and Vanny for KTV session.

then, i suddenly had the mood to drink and that became damn crazy. was high and haven't been so high for a long long time. drank lots that night and drank pretty fast. let's see what i had...


1 bj
2 flutes of champagne
1 midori breeze


8 glasses of volka orange
1 something coke
1 pint of hoe garden

hmmm...actually, it doesn't seem to be a lot? but when i reached home i couldn't sleep. once i laid down in bed and closed my eyes, the whole world started to spin and i had the intense need to puke!! went to the loo twice and sat by the toilet bowl, trying hard to puke what needed to come the time i opened my eyes, it was day break!!??

was totally hungover on Sat.. haven't got to that for quite sometime. the last which was the worst was that first house warming @ the Tan's. subsequently, haven't drank so much until need to puke.

i guess it isn't me, it's just that the month of march is a puke fest, the bugs just got to me, that's all!

shoo shoo puke fest bugs!

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