Sunday, March 25, 2007


my youngest bro used to say 'no plan is a good plan'.. how true it can be at times.

the plan to go Spain in Aug poofiezed into thin air when we visited Natas on Sat. the truth was horrifying, we became desperate... we wanted to go for Tomatotina, the crazy festival where they celebrate the harvest of tomatoes by throwing them at each other for an hour on this stretch of road in Valencia.. so we were seeking any available flights on any airlines flying to Barcelona or Madrid. helpful/non helpful travel agents helped us checked, and it's ultimate disappointment that the whole of aug has no available flights to Spain!!!! *frownz* so we checked when's the earliest we could go and the reply was Jul 4 and we asked when can we go after aug? the reply was, mid sept.

i guess, mid sept prolly aint that bad. the best time to fly said the travel agent is on 18th sept or something coz of cheaper fare. sounded cool, coz i'd be celebrating my birthday on the plane with some of my closest pals. interesting!! our contingency was to change location to Greece. haha which sounds damn cool too!!

hmm...frankly speaking, i think we were lost, momentarily

i guess all will work out and we should still be going to spain lah. After all the effort, funny not to go right?? we are still in discussion anyway.. haiz..

maybe being ad hoc is good at times..

hmmm.. *ponders*

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