Tuesday, March 27, 2007

food - out of this world!

if i ever go to London, i'd wanna go FAT DUCK cafe. I think it's in Bray. not very sure. but they sure serve up a gastronomical, out of the world kind of food and eating experience.

today, watching discovery travel and living opened my eyes to food science. it's like cooking food but thinking like a scientist. it's darn interesting and i would love to go borrow some books which introduces stuff like these! Woah, totally out of this world!

I guess that's what you'd experience with science. just like doing your first science project, or seeing magnesium burn, flashing out a white flare? was it white? can't really remember. or the first time we all smell ammonia. extremely unforgettable!

the show even featured a bartender who's a chemist grad or something and is now mixing out of this world cocktails! Haa..i managed to get a recipe, coz it's the easiest and there's this bacon and egg ice cream! I want to try making that, but first i need to get an ice cream making machine.

then there's the kendall school for chef. i would love to go there and learn food science if i've ever have the chance, forget about the mundane working life and just zip to NY! i think it's darn happening! it just shows how science can make food even more interesting to consume and would change your way of looking at the how you eat your food! thus the reason why i'd love to visit El Bulli in Spain!


now, let's see.. what are the ingredients for bacon and egg ice cream again??

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