Tuesday, March 27, 2007

found it!

i've found out about what i wrote yesterday!

food!! not the normal types, but food science. i tried googling 'food science' but my search was futile. most of these listed sites are about courses not related to what was featured in 'Chic Eat' last night.

finally, i decided to google 'Discovery Travel and Living'.

and BINGO!! i managed to track the details and narrow down to two words..

molecular gastronomy!

remember this word!! it's gonna change the way you eat your food!

thereafter, i found this blog site totally dedicated to this method of cooking. i will check out more but thus far, there's only 4 entries i think. i will go google more.. hopefully i can find some recipes! that's gonna be sooo cool. i am especially interested in the part where the chefs drips one type of liquid into another and the liquid which is being dripped into a base actually becomes jelly like! it's sooo cool!!!

i am getting excited.

molecular gastronomy eh?

totally rocks!

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