Wednesday, March 21, 2007

life's precious

and thus, today's topic is about how precious life is.

to we ventured and here's the result of the very few who declared when the clock predict their day and year of death...

DH: 3 Mar 2063

Mich: 23 Nov 2056

MH: haha depending which mood she's in, her death is various years..

mine: 14 Feb 2076

hah! what a day to die. Valentine's Day? Utterly weird...and thus i was complaining to the rest. saying that wah lauz of all days i have to die on Valentine's Day..

and thus the nice messages came forth in various funny way and i'm extremely touched peepz!

yeah, i've chosen for me to live life in an optimistic way and thus, dying on 14 Feb when i am 99 years old.

how cool is that?! and how ironic. obviously, i wasn't optimistic in any way. hah!

yup, life's sure is precious. each and every single day. so let's treasure it! the rest of the gang haven't submit their due date!! hee it's pretty interesting actually!

finally confirmed the bali trip!!! will depart on 3 may and come back on 8 may.. oops, i've gotta extend my leave King!! quite excited coz i haven't been to bali as yet!

but prior to that, we'd be heading for F1 in Sepang!!!!! YAY!!!! Accommodation and makan's free and we just need to pay for the F1 tix which is about $360+$15 for petrol to there total $375!! I cannot wait! That's gonna be on 6 Apr to 8 Apr!!


and i can't wait for tomorrow's dinner...

the road's at orchard and the place sounds like dragon..

i am thinking a restaurant in paragon....lawry's perhaps??

well, the person who's gonna treat says that 'time will tell'..

ahhh...i shall wait for another 18.5 hours..

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