Tuesday, March 20, 2007

we've taken you there!

phewz! that's a darn freaking tough feat!

took me 2 days and i only just managed to complete! Hmm...is that the trouble of shooting with SLRs??? Man, i think i'd prolly died every time i take so many pics!! i cannot imagine about the pics which are going to be taken in spain and all the after work!!??

siao liao!

anyway DH, we've all have taken you there.. to the realms revealing your inner self. i'm sure you had fun, we all did! Doubt you can recall anything, no need to try. the pics and videos are meant for you to relived what you've missed out!

hmm.. digressing a bit, if you all are wondering what the bluish looking patch is, erm...peepz who were at fort road should know. and there's one pic which was censored haha it's ok, i have the original copy and nope, it's not going to the vault at your place DH. need something to extort you with.

so who's next. you tube and all!! please...more contribution to put DH's performance to the international acting scene...and my energy's all used up... *cough cough*

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