Friday, March 23, 2007

hoooo...totally stuffed!

i'm soooo tired and extremely sleepy.

had a 3 hours dinner @ lawry's just now and we freaking laughed our heads off and tears just flowed uncontrollably. we laughed till we had stomach cramps and stitches! we really couldn't contain ourselves. i think we might have suffered internal injuries one way or another.

yeah, we were recounting the events of last Saturday. it's the hot topic of the week as we recaptured, relived, re-enacted and reviewed that faithful Saturday night. the moments were hilarious and the video clips?? we planned to put up on U tube for the funniest clip competition.

gosh! i had never laughed so hard my whole life nor laughed so much!!

we are getting muscle cramps which is good coz we are working away the fats in our tummy. hah!

phewz, and it sure is darn tiring!!

CDM tomorrow to celebrate Scottie's birthday! Haha, another celebration! I really cannot wait! More pics and more drunken moments i hope?

off to NATAS fair on Sat to check out bargains for our Spain trip. then don't know what to do thereafter but i am sure we'd think of something. Sun's off to JB for footy massage, i think i'd cry and scream like crazy! the last time i did it, really buay tahan!!

the weekend's all packed and i'm ready to have fun!!

in the meantime, i am too tired and i need to sleep. i'm no longer capable of late night msn sessions, but went to bed smiley and happy last night =).

currently feeling: saccharine sweet , sinfully stuffed!

help!!!!!! i need to lose more fats!

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