Tuesday, February 06, 2007

one of those days...

it's one of those days, just felt like indulging. then feel terrible after that.

was sick over the weekend.

missed frisbee and had to drink this terrible cherry red cough syrup and three different types of pills. doc warned that the medication will really make me drowsy, and drowsy i was.

for two days. laid in bed, waking and sleeping. watched supernatural halfway, dozed off the next, no matter how hard i tried to keep my eyes open, my lids were just too heavy for me to fight off the weight. i think i prolly slept the most over that couple of days.

anyway, i feel lazy and was pretty stoned when i went back to work today. did many things wrongly and my eyes felt heavy yet again. stayed till close to 8pm tonight, gee...haha and we were supposed to leave much earlier.

and, i had sinful KFC for dinner...

no exercise over the weekend, no badminton today as well, i seriously shouldn't treat myself to something with such high fat contents! but i just kept thinking about KFC after work and i had to get it! Darn, it's so unhealthy!!!

Arghh!! Maybe i should go running with Gail this week and burn some fat.

sighz, cny is coming and i'm not losing much weight...dang!

and i bought clothes today. after resisting for a week, i bought the massimo dutti sweater(oooo...i so love the feel of the material!) hopped over to surfer girl at citylink and got this dress which i really wanted to get for so bloody long. thought it'd be on sale, but it wasn't. bought it anyway.

got myself a new pair of shoes as well...sheesh

...and now i feel terrible! i was supposed to be saving for my overseas trip.

wise me: okay, so that's it for this month! can't buy more...
not-so-wise me: but i need new clothes for CNY and erm there are sales all around.

argh...struggling thoughts of a weak minded shopaholic...

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