Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Clothes - checked

Shoes - checked

Accessories - still checking

was supposed to go for a 'scrumptious' shopping session with SC during lunch. we planned to skip lunch and indulge in our seemingly increasing shopping appetite! but alas, she was busy as was i, so i left work early (actually 6.30pm) today to do my shopping.

it started as a disappointing trip to bugis. everything i tried on looked freaking disastrous! man i was darn FAT and was all ready to give up and go home, (remembering it was supposed to be my favourite shopping spot beginning of the year) until i gave this shop a peep.

ventured suspiciously into this dark looking interior, with racks sparsely populated by simple weird looking designs of dresses, tops, halter necks and interesting looking pants.

name of the shop is call '田' (pronounced as ti-yen).

not sure if anyone noticed, but shops named with chinese characters often carry clothes which are more of japanese inspired designs and have very distinct lines and cuts.

so i went in, stereotyping...

guess what??

i ended up getting all my CNY clothes from there and got their membership. bought a total of four items.

a casual looking, polka dotty, satin-ish brown top. great texture and the feeling's most wonderful! most importantly, the cutting's great!

another razor back, navy blue, work like top. it's a button up top and the way the buttons run is most unique! it's also suitable for casual wear, which is cool!

got a 2 dresses. one black with small lightish blue flower motif short sleeved shirt dress and the other a grey, long sleeved lycra, baby doll (aka pregger looking) dress. haha i love both and i think i'd prolly take a pic of them next time.

and, i finally got my pair of red, patent, open-toed heels! yet another pair of shoes, uh huh! this makes my total shoe count for this month to be 6. it's the most number of shoes i've ever bought in a month!! and i did some shoe 'rack' cleaning up, threw away more than 6 pairs of shoes and slippers! but after clearing, it was just enough to house some of my new shoes...

i decided that if i go for beach retreats next time, i'd wear my almost rotting (coz never wear) and FOC slippers. that way, i can buy a new pair of slippers and throw away the FOC ones. haa WICKED!!

shucks, it's bloody late and i forgot to put on my mask!

sighz, i hate it when my skin's dry and peeling...

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