Thursday, February 01, 2007

objects of desire

some items which i am eyeing to get for the next few months, days or weeks!

my ambitious list (meaning: most likely to be put on instalments and not paid in full)

1) dSLR - very likely to get Canon d400. i like the feel of the camera body on my hands. fits nicely actually. i am sure the Nikon 80d takes excellent pics, but realistically speaking, Canon is within my budget. i am excited and the cammy bug within is fluttering like crazy. i should be getting it in the next few days if all goes well. comes with a 1GB memory, hmm..i haven't asked what other freebies there are. oh, and i don't think they have a silver body canon though, but black's pretty too!

2) Hamilton Jazzmaster watch - hmm, i am eyeing the white. i always like white watches. i already have two whites, i think it's time to get another colour. saw a red one on the website, real stunning. prolly costs around 2.5K or something if i didn't remember wrongly, haven't seen the exact product but the adverts already looks darn enticing.

3) Nintendo Wii - soooo white, sooo slick and uber chio. haha no need to say more. i am happy even if it's just sitting there. haha~

less ambitious list (meaning should be able to get it and below $500 and satisfy the occasional shopping crave.)

1) Sweater from Massimo Dutti - usually i'd not spend more than $100 for clothings unless it's a dress, but i really really like the material of that sweater and also because a size 'S' fits my just fine even with a camisole within. haha makes me feel skinny (me running from reality, i supposed.. dang!)

2) boots - still searching for the perfect one.

3) lingerie - red! supposed to enhance my luck if i wear it on the first day of CNY. haha

immediate satisfaction list (meaning: no need to think, just dig it!)

1) mussels tomorrow at Oosters. haha, craving for mussels satisfied after many months!

2) shopping in Chinatown - hopefully can find cheap stuff.

3) erm...a haircut perhaps?

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