Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i declare

i declare for the next couple of months, before my trip to Spain, erm..oh prior to that the F1 race at Sepang, there will not be any clothes, lingerie, bags, cosmetics and gadgets shopping!

freaking scary the stuff i bought this month. my god, i've never exactly spent this much and buy so many within a month. it's really horrible!!

just bought a pair of levis, lipstick (super red) and a lingerie set (red also). piangz, definitely over done it... sighz, my pocket's bleeding and my bank account, definitely red!! Sheesh!

* * *

MIAed for the last couple of days. much has happened, much fun as well. met a couple of old friends, an old friend coming back or err already back in town and lots of booze as usual.

had the most awesome time at dragonfly this week! Haha, spent it with DH and Cece...super duper funny night and we had front roll seats to watch the live performance and i got a rose from a new lead singer!! *swoon*

it was fantastic!!! first time this year when i was darn bloody high coz had the need to puke when i got home..

* * *

someone webcam me the other day to show me a bruise. i was ecstatic! seeing him made me remember how much i missed him...yet suddenly... i was scared.. observing him from afar, the glint in his eyes made me wondered what's on his mind. he had this look which seems like he is in deep thought, thinking of some strategy or something. a sense of fear came over me and i suddenly wasn't that happy.. something within me started telling me 'back off'..

it was weird..

it's this thing about him that i can never read or phantom. he is impossible to decipher. the most impossible of code to break or perhaps will never be broken.. i may not be a good judge of character, but i aint that bad either. however, when it comes to him...it's all question marks.

yeah, everyone's just telling me to move on, perhaps the new year is the time to do so?

* * *

met up with Angie last Sun too. finally!! after a darn long time. we caught up on a lot of things, window shopped and she just shopped for stuff for me at a&F and COACH (which explains why i have to stop buying bags as well). Coolz!! She also got a really pretty eyeshadow palette for me as well! we had dinner at Sushi Tei. They had a new menu, but the food's not that excellent and rather disappointing!

* * *

i finally got my SLR too! gonna experiment it soon!

* * *

took loads of pics, but too lazy to upload. someday soon i guess =)

* * *

All righty, Happy Lunar New Year everyone, may the year of the piggy bring tons of luck and love!

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