Saturday, February 24, 2007

funny friday

no partying this friday, most of the gang's off to Laos. so i asked Cece on Weds if she was interested to go library to do some research on Spain, since we are part of the committee (erm of only 3) planning for this trip.

can't remember how the exchange of messages lead on to us deciding to go Que Pasa for some sangria and catch a movie.

so Friday came and there were lots of last minute changes.

we decided to watch 'Ghost Rider' and to catch at Cineleisure instead of Marina. So we met at Marina Sq coz cece needed to get her sweater. we also tried to catch Jenny since she is currently in town, but she made dinner plans with Ann and their common group of pals. so we decided that if we meet, we'd meet. anyway, Jenn ended up at Suntec having dinner instead of Wisma and when she messaged us, we were on our way to town. argh.. classic case of bad timing.

jenn also mentioned to us that town's really crowded coz of Chingay. i thought it was gonna happen only tomorrow, but she told me the rehersal's today.

still, we left for town and sheesh, darn freaking crowded!

headed to get tickets for the show and then off to Ngee Ann City library @ orchard hoping to get some real helpful books for our spain trip.

alas, a good selection of books there wasn't. so we each borrowed only two and we walked a damn long way to Que Pasa. Think - the whole orchard road blocked, you can only walked underground via the link from NAC to Lucky plaza and then all the way to Emerald. we were rather optimistic thinking that some exercise before and after makan and drinks @ QP would be less sinful.

gee, halfway through, i think we both became a tad sian.. the journey's pretty long but we still reached our destination.

had a jar of sangria which really quenched our thrist and ordered the chix wings, 4 cheese pizza and shrimp dumplings. damaged for the night $34 each!! quite an expensive dinner actually, but i was in a munching mood.

and we had to walk the long way back to cineleisure!! it was so close, yet so far away. but we were shockingly yet pleasantly surprised.

why? erm coz when we tried to cut through the open court at NAC, we witnessed the fireworks up close and personal!!

the first blast into the sky made me screamed and both of us jumped! but it was the first time where the both of us see the real thing this super duper close!! gosh, i was too mesmerized to bring out my hp to capture that moment. (my hands were also full, holding 3 books and a magazine. if not, i'd definitely take some shots of that!) we stopped rushing that couple of minutes and watched the display. definitely an adrenalin pumping moment!

right place, right time, right moment (remember this phrase Ed? Hee) but no camera..wasted.

as grumpy as we were, and i was wondering why there's only one underground link along the whole stretch of road, we finally made it back to Cineleisure! we were slightly late for the show, but still in time. =)

Hey Cece, enjoy your trip to korea and see ya when you are back!!!!

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