Saturday, February 24, 2007

crazy CNY

this year's CNY was rather different from previous years. perhaps it's coz i am getting old and getting ang baos no longer excites me, and the questions about when i'm gonna bring that special someone to such gatherings really make me want to avoid visiting all together.

i wish my relatives can think of something new to ask and in fact, i was tell Jloh about my script for those questions during lunch one day. people aint very innovative most of the times, thus i have to resort to this. haa

and this year, i wore something bold. a super low cut and short dress, but i wore a pair of tights just so i didn't look too inappropriately dressed for the new year. still, people commented and told me that i looked sexy in that top. hmm.. genuine or not, i choose to think that i do look nice in that retro top. haa.. else i wouldn't have bought it!

anyway, first day was hectic and have many main meals one after another. i think i was on the verge of regurgitating what i had eaten. trying not to stuff myself became an ordeal, people just keep asking you to eat during the festive season and who in their right mind would have set a family to eat two dinners. of late, i hate how these gatherings are being planned. just felt that my family always have to compromise to the likes of the rest and even when asked whether we are ok with it or not, the question was asked out of formality and we didn't have much of a choice to say no.

i think it's silly.

into the night, off to St James with my bro and cousins to meet DH and the rest there. not bad, but not extremely fun coz i think i was overwhelmed with tiredness. work on Sat totally drained me and didnt have enough sleep!

* * *

nuahed at home on 2nd day and went to the Tan's Sengkang chalet around 9ish. had luo hei and played taboo. it was freaking funny!

i had to describe 'Kangaroo'

couldn't say words such as 'animal', 'punch', 'jump' and can't remember the last two. so i said things like 'just like us' (coz they are mammals and so are we), hop around... etc. then kenar suanned by everyone 'we're not like kangaroo' and everyone laughed.

taboo's a fun game and i want to play it again. though it's kinda draining on the brain especially towards late into the night when everyone's sleepy, we just skip anything that's tough!

left around 4ish and JY, DH and Mich left for Laos in the morning.

* * *

went to visit the King, Queen and little Prince CJ on the 3rd day.

the King kept asking if i wanted wine or beer, i just can't imagine drinking in the day. i am a nocturnal creature. no alcohol in the day, my alter drinking ego has yet to rise from it's drunken stupor from the night before!! Haha!

anyway, Prince CJ is very very adorable, very very cheeky and very very active. he also kept wanting to pull my hair, touch my jeans and pregger top. he's so fun to play with! Haa, the Queen will definitely disagree!! haha i also got to feed him!! kenar suanned for showing my maternal side...*faintz*

flipped through their photos from their many many oversea trips and i really cannot wait to go to spain to capture many many photos and visit many many places!!

Your highnesses, great ba kwa and yu sheng especially the frozen grapes and tomatoes!! yummers!

* * *

but nothing could beat the thing that happened when i reached home.

i was grinning from ear to ear once again...

an unexpected sms
but somehow i knew it was from you
i don't know how

an undecided mind
but i called you
i don't know why

an unusually comfortable conversation
but still rather short
i don't know what else to say


your voice
your familiar laughter
your out of the blue questions

i knew coz the feeling was strong
i knew coz i miss you
i wish i could have said more

still, i know i' d not see you before your special day
maybe i still wont see you after that
but i want you to know.

we can meet the weekend of third and fourth
fifth and sixth aint a problem too
i'd be delighted if we do meet on the seventh

how come?
i foresee you asking
remember magic?
it happens only for you.

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