Sunday, January 14, 2007

weather this week

the return of the rain after one fine, sunny and super hot day was a really welcoming change. however, after many days of rainy weather, it kinda spoils many things.

the week that's just coming to an end feels more like Christmas than in the month of december! i just have the impulse hitting the stores/shops and start buying gifts for my friends, but hey, erm Christmas has just slipped us by 3 weeks ago..

ahh.. yes, back to the year 2007 and the month of January.

i think many people must think i have an obsession with rain coz i blog about it all the time!

the truth is, i like rain. or perhaps, i'm just a gal who loves to do nothing but sit at home, watch cable TV, cook some weird soup and then sleep. Actually, i rather prefer the short period of time before it starts to rain. I especially love to see DARK DARK DARK clouds, strong winds that can blow your umbrellas haywire or blow me away (haa, not a chance coz i am too FAT!) and the weird smell that tells you a major storm is coming your way!! yeah, i absolutely love that. it's just like something crazy is gonna happen soon and i cannot wait for it to arrive.
BUT! i fret when it starts to rain. coz everything gets wet! i hate to get wet when i am out coz i am clumsy and i tend to try to walk consciously and hopefully,
steadily to prevent miscalculating a step and slip! yeah that's when i hate to be wearing shoes with no soles!!! it's really a challenge i'd rather forgo!

well, there goes frisbee today even though the clinic's still on. cant afford to be sick for the coming week as there's gonna be lots to do in office..

ahhh...(notice it's 3 dots!) gonna go crazy again!

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