Sunday, January 14, 2007

Apologies to the 'commentators'!

i just 'upgraded' my blogger to the new version. Not that i see a lot of differences, but the speed's definitely faster than the beta. i think it's a scam that they use to 'encourage' people to start converting to the new one!

it's with much difficulty that i 'upgraded' and i was pissed. finally, albeit the lazy mood today, i decided to change to the new version once and for all!

then i noticed a 'moderate comments' page and i decided to check it out. to my surprise, there were a couple of comments which i have never really seen before. i remembered changing the comments function, requiring my permission to add the comments as i think there was this idiot who was flooding my comment with some weird shit! thanks to that weirdo, i realized there were a couple of comments which i have never exactly added.

this post goes out the people who bothered to comment!

a big thank you!!

I am sorry that i missed out all your encouraging words and to my surprise, some of you even mentioned that my blog was one of your favorites and you'd keep coming back! i wish i had read them earlier!

hopefully, it's not too late to say THANK YOU to everyone who bothered and it's really delightful to read that people i don't know enjoyed visiting my blog full of crap.

Sorry that the 'comment' function is no longer available for this new blog skin, however, leave a tag on the tagboard. (Check out the left column) i'd be happy to hear from you!

by the way, it's easy! just key in your nick (you don't have to have a blogger account) and start typing your message!!

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