Wednesday, January 10, 2007

adventurous me? *pause*...NAH!

*if you had watch 'Borat' you'd know the joke which came along when you look at this title. haa!*

okie, seriously..can anyone imagine that i used to be a member of the ODAC during my SIM days? yeah, look at me. fair and flabby. haha looking the least like the adventurous sort.

can't believed that i actually went to Berkelah Falls to trek and stayed in a jungle where most of the guys would call 'mildly adventurous, not very challenging' trek. but i must admit that it was pretty fun. and finally reaching the waterfall, i felt that everything was all worth it.

i also went for a canoing outing with the club members and got caught in a thunderstorm which was such a bittersweet unforgettable adventure of my life.

hmm..think open river/sea..then thunder,
lightning and followed by heavy rain. a 2 sitter canoe supposed to be a guy and girl pairing but ended up 2 of us girls, paddling like crazy just so as to get out of the sea, trying to save our dear lives from the thunderstorm. totally freaked out!!

yeah, those were the days...

did anyone know that i was walking barefooted to a waterfall during my trip to cambodia? no shoes, no slippers, climbed rocks on all fours, walked through natural ground and enjoying the final destination of this very beautiful and extremely cold waterfall with the rest of my travel mates.

i had wanted to give up halfway. thinking that no way am i going to go over those gigantic rocks, coated with slippery mosses and which were extremely high
without shoes. DH kept telling me to wear my shoes coz he said my shoes were definitely non slip. what i didnt tell him was that, there was once when i wore that pair of shoes, i slipped and fell when i walked out of the lift! so no way was i gonna wear those shoes and climb those rocks.

then i caught a glimpse of the waterfall behind, somehow, i couldnt resist and decided that since i had come so far and i was only metres away, i might as well go on and not look back. i was careful, as usual. remembering those days when the dudes (JY, DH, COLD and CK they were probably the F4 in those days and why so many girls joined odac! Haha) will always tell me to make sure that i take my time and be sure that i step on something firm and stable before i move another step. i remember that well and i finally manage to view that breathtaking sight of the waterfall!

my adrenaline was pumping, that i was sure. i was in a natural high! partly perspiring and heart beating rather fast. However, the cool air (the first time where air was definitely at its freshest and totally sweet smelling!!) and the freezing water just took all that away. i totally mesmerized and was enjoying myself!! i only didnt had the courage to strip to my bikinis and swim in the water! heh~ shy lah!!

trekking back, i felt i could do anything and walked all the way back without shoes! that's darn cool. for me to do something like's once in a long long time when i'm prolly out of my mind and really really wanna do something that's not exactly me?! err..or is that just my alter ego surfacing?? heh

my travelmates and i! Nice view right??
phewz..getting to this paradise was easy!
trekking back from the amazing waterfall, just realised i didn't have the pic!! argh!

perhaps that's why i just signed up for Ultimate Frisbee which is gonna start this Sunday. time to start doing some sport, why not try something different? gail and SK2 will be accompanying me. haa..i wonder if i am gonna regret this?!

*cross fingers and hope not*

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