Sunday, January 28, 2007

soccer boots and running shoes

Slept till 3 pm this afternoon. totally concussed.

came back at 645am this morning. we broke our record! stayed at DF till close to 6! finished off a bottle of volka and dragged our tired bodies out of DF and was lazing by the open area outside Broiler room.

was supposed to go shoe shopping with Cece and we were supposed to meet at 2pm. both of us slept till late after this morning and decided we'd meet at 6pm at Queensway to get our soccer boots.

was darn happy with my shopping today!

bought two pair of shoes, both kid's size. heh! had a tough time deciding on the booties though. couldn't decide between yellow (below) and white. ultimately, i went for a super show off colour and am pretty happy with it!

and yes, we are serious about frisbee peepz! that's why we went for the boots...erm, then again, i don't exactly want to have a tough time cleaning mud filled track shoes. not that it's easier to clean these yellow boots, but it's slippery surface, how tough can it be comparing to erm cloth surface?

my pretty yellow booties!! hehe~ damn chio right?

whilst waiting for Cece to arrive, i chanced upon this pair of asics runners. didn't think i was gonna get them until i finally thought about discarding my pair of shoes which were totally destroyed by the mud during last week frisbee session. (well, i was lazy and didn't want nor had the time to wash it.) and i was thinking i might just go running with Gail one fine day and thought i'd better get a pair of running shoes.

went to a couple of outlets, they all only had one pair left and it was a size 4. i didn't want to spend too much, and this pair was only about 79 bucks sans discount. i got it at 63 bucks! not too bad and i suspect it might be for kids. though i really have no idea. so, i kinda gave up hope, and before we left queensway, we went into another shop which i thought i had scrutinized and didn't see any asics brand, but i saw it - the pair i wanted so badly!! i asked the salesman if they had size 7 and he said he'd go check. i was kinda losing hope, and waited for about 10 mins before he came back.

and there it was! on his hands was this box!!

'this is the last pair', he said.

i was filled with joy and was thinking i'm super heng!!! i love the green and silver! not too loud and not too dull! Heh =)

Super chio sporty shoes!!
My green Asics runners!

thereafter, we adjorned to Ikea to have dinner and i got some super nice stuff for my work station. heh, can't wait to spruce up my desk on Monday! yay!

and, i just had durians with JY, Ann and Jeanne. 3 for 10 bucks - D24 durians. Yummy!! what a way to end the day!

now now, shall i put in 'the Devil wears prada' and continue till the next morning?

hmm...tempting thoughts!

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