Tuesday, January 23, 2007

frisbee, badminton, swimming/jogging?

trying not to blog too much. need to have as much zzz as possible.

finally started Ultimate Frisbee. Gosh, ultimate it was!! we were at sengkang open field and there's this whole group of people playing over there. seriously, i didn't know what to expect. i was only thinking that after the whole workout, it's surely gonna be nice to chill and drink sangria at Que Pasa. Add in the chix wings and pizza...hoooo! absolute heaven!

anyway, played we did. slided we did too. confused? yes. had a great workout? confirm ah!

it's stacking, cut and clear. i always forgot about the clearing part. and who asked me about it being too 'kua zhang' (translate: over the top in mandarin) to have to buy a pair of soccer boots just to play frisbee?? yeah, the boots sure come in handy. my question back: why would guys buy soccer boots even if they are just playing in open field? for the grip and steadiness of course!?

yeah it was muddy, parts of the field was filled with patches of water. ankle deep somemore. my track shoes didn't even last 15 mins and i slided twice, in muddy water....eeeKkkkkss!! first time ever in my life. wonder if guys think it's sexy for girls to be covered partially in mud...*chuckles and winks*

so far so good, just that i really lack stamina to catch up with my opponents and i am still a tad confused about the game. let's hope next sun won't be so muddy and i'd prolly not worry about falling into the mud. and no mani or pedi for the next three months! it just affects my grip on the frisbee!!

after working out and having all the water dehydrate outta us, we decided to meet Jeanne at Que Pasa and chill the night away. DH joined us later and we started chatting about our Spain trip. Goody, at least we are starting somewhere!!

then we visited the back alleys of geylang and, wow! Eye opener indeed!! Even for me! Haha..rather interesting!

today, played badminton with Cece, mich, DH and his friends. haven't played for ages, needed sometime to get used to. towards the end, i was pretty much getting the hang of things and it was fun! More badminton next week!!

tomorrow, i am contemplating between swimming and jogging. i think i'd choose the former. time to do something relaxing and perhaps a good massage on weds?

cool! the start of healthy lifestyle but work's still as crazy as ever. Getting pretty prone to out bursts of rashes though and now..time to Zzzz...


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