Sunday, January 28, 2007

half dead...

the field was muddy!!! many many patches of water and the grass was growing so high, my new shoes were totally gone. withing 15 mins, my socks were wet and so were my shoes. the feeling totally sucks! haha, thank goodness for the wonderful weather! else, we'd prolly die of heat stroke.

will upload pics of my shoes. well, they are still shining, thanks to the material they were made of, just the shoe laces totally gone. all trapped with mud. sighz and i was washing the shoes just now, too lazy to scrub the mud off. haa~

badminton's on tomorrow and i seriously need a massage session on weds, else i'd die and then i'd join the girls at Settlers for some fun games! looks like i can't join Gail for running again this week. i wonder when i'd start though.

anyway, though the sun was very much a peeping tom this afternoon, i realised i got dark. my tan lines looked bloody awful. they are quite gross!! i need to get a good tan!!

went to town coz cece was going for a trim. i was tempted to do so as well, but cannot decide between trimming or cutting it into a bob. darn, i am still deciding. looking at pics, my face's getting darn bloody round! argh! F.A.T!!! incidentally i thought F.A.T could mean 'Food Attacking Terrestrial'. so i doubt i should go for a bob, coz i don't exactly have sharp features like Denise Keller..sighz.

left Cece at Phyto and i went shopping. stopped at Substance and bought two pairs of shoes. i am so darn terrible!! i just bought two yesterday and i got another two today?! how many pairs of shoes do i have? Seriously, i think i have more than 50 pairs, slippers included.

lelong, lelong!! Shoes for sale! anyone interested?!

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