Saturday, January 20, 2007


this morning, my body silently screamed in protest. rashes busted out of the system forming smallish red patches on my skin. i can guess what it's prolly saying.

body: 'look what you have done? you were on a good detox phase, and you brought the poison in again...yada yada yada...'

downed two pints of hoe, two glasses of white wine and half a bottle of tuborg on thurs. yesterday night had glasses of champagne, 2 bottles of beer and volkas. (hmm..actually i didn't think i drank a lot yesterday though)

it was a busy busy week at work and thurs 'wine' down was such relief. about time i was thirsty. met the gang at bala and chatted. Yesterday was at the opening of Cafe Del Mar. We contemplated for ages whether we should go ahead coz was afraid it'd rain, but we finally decided to bring our butts there. Were supposed reach by 7pm for the free flow of drinks and food (btw food's really yummy!) but got to Del Mar only around 7.45pm due to wrong location and parked at the wrong car park.

the entrance wasn't impressive, like some damn old club in the 70s. but the area by the beach, that's something i'd like to laze in anytime! and the pools are very inviting as with the jacuzzi at the private area, so cosy and great place to snuggle. Thanks to DH we managed to get loads of drinks and food, but it was tiring to stand and not sit. by 10ish, after getting our instant photo shots, (they took pics and processed for you immediately + it's FOC and mounted on a black card. it's darn cool! plus points for del mar for doing something like that!) we left for St. James.

Cafe Del Mar opening party

it was a crowded night at SJPH and we never made it to dragonfly. by the time we were lounging at GB (gallery bar) i was overwhelmed with tiredness and hoped i'd not be tempted to stay all the way at DF like two weeks ago, but we got home by 1ish.

i was on duty today. i was thinking to stay off work, but i'd never feel good about it. it was after all my turn and i had to be responsible. it was a busy saturday duty and i stayed till like 2ish. there were problems and lucky it was being resolved. THANKFULLY! Coz the super big boss came down and i was like..'oops!' and problems just came one after another. it's the most eventful saturday duty thus far. i was slightly stress and went ahead to start some shopping therapy and i spent money again! Arghh! ok, but all at bargained prices, so that was sweet! but still, i shopped again...sighz and i guess all that stress made me stopped focusing on my rashes and by the time i got out of office, i was rash free.. erm but i am feeling the itch again now...

came back, chatted with Eve for about 20 mins just doing some catch up. if i didnt have her help at work today, i'd prolly have died! somehow, it was a blessing. the right people just so happened to be in office today. phewz. this is what i call 'HENGZ' in caps! ahaha~

oh and i got totally drenched in the rain, even with the brollie, it didn't really help. my pants were totally wet and i realised that my brollie had holes. this is what heavy rain does. it tells you that you need to change your brollie. hahah.

question of the day: how likely would you be able to meet 3 people (2 of whom are buddies and the other a fellow colleague working in the same company) on 2 consecutive days? it happened to me...sometimes, singapore can really be so small...haiz...

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