Monday, January 15, 2007


after a couple of weeks of on-off marathon, i finally completed both seasons! now, i am lost. no idea what i should be watching.

these are my available choices:

1. Lost Season 2
2. Grey's anatomy 1 & 2
3. hmm...

OMG! That's about it!?! I have nothing left!! Since i'm still in a med drama mood, i think i'd go for Grey's..then again, i'd prolly end up doing other stuff. been a couchie P for too long! Least these days i can go to bed early.

maybe i should start getting new stuff to watch. oh we'll see.

busy day at work today. i was just sitting down applying stuff for newbies, then running around..didnt even go for lunch!! sad sad...pretty tired actually.

shall zzz early tonight, i hope.

..oh wait, nip/tuck's showing...awWww...

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