Tuesday, January 09, 2007

crazy weekend

i thought i haven't blogged for a couple of days and decided to skip 'HOUSE' and blog. but erm glancing back, the last time i blogged was actually last friday and i thought it was close to a week.

anyway, the weekend was crazy! errrr, correction. Friday and Saturday was crazy. Sunday was spent nursing the damages done on Fri and Sat.


Met DH, JY and Ann to discuss about Laos trip. Hmm..seems like there might be some logistic problem if SK2 and me were to return earlier than the rest. the 3 of them will be staying all the way till 25 Feb, SK2 had a night flight to catch on 24th coz she was zipping to Korea and me? nah, can't afford to fly continuously, but i wanted to return early to rest coz i was just plain lazy didn't want to be stuck in a situation should there be a flight delay and i had to wait for Monday to come back and rush myself to the office. NO WAY! Haa!

after the discussion, they started to bring up the topic of heading to St. James Powerhouse (SJP for short. Too lazy to type.) in fact, i had suggested the week before that we go Dragonfly on Fri, but i forgot i was on duty the next day. i couldn't decide if i wanted to go or didn't wanna. finally, as usual, i succumbed to temptation (what's new?!) i said okie, and that i'd be there for awhile.

awhile didn't happen. we were there till close to 4am!? DH got his membership and we sneaked on of us in. it's great that the club's fully opened and each venue didn't disappoint. we were at 'Broiler Room' listening to the live singing and the two girls rocked and the birthday saboing was darn funny! we then trekked our way to dragonfly but it was freaking packed as always! so we trekked back and we finally settled down in 'Gallery Bar' and started our fun.

We got our bottle of volka and were gazing at the lucky peepz in Dragonfly when Ann and JY started playing 5-10. not going in to great lengths about this but we finally found out DH's weakest game is prolly the above! but surely he's gonna get better. haha and stop hitting my shoulders, i wanna strike Toto this year ok!?! *fumes* haa.

As the night drew close to 2 am, and the crowd thinned slightly in Dragonfly, we made our way into the dungeon why loads of dragons gathered but were prolly too stuffed with alcohol and couldn't exactly fly.

we joined them and became a small part of the crowd. waited to watch scorpion and his mates perform. they were good! Excellent in fact! And now, i know what canto is like.. haa~ when i looked at my watch, it was 3.45am. thank goodness the last song wasn't something we were able to sing to and i begged the gang to leave and to call it a day. Fortunately, JY wasn't craving about his frog leg porridge else i'd have died the next day at work, which i nearly did coz i only slept 3 hours! I was lucky i didn' drink too much, but overdosed on the nuts! GB serves the best mixed nuts ever!!! and the staff there - awesome service!! they gave us a table even though we didn't rsvp. nice!

okay peepz, when's our next visit?? i really cannot wait. heh!

house: "and you skipped me because you wanted to flapped like a dragonfly? how wonderful is that?"

ahhh...house oh house, funny and sarcastic.

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