Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rain, rain and more rain...

i kinda doubt the rain's gonna stop this morning and it's been raining like the whole day today.

my flight's in 7 hour's time and i need to get some zzz. i packed a wickedly heavy backpack and i already tried my best to bring as little clothes as possible. but me being me, will always find excuses in my head just so that i feel comfy with what i have packed. there's in fact very little space for additional stuff. guess i might have to stuff into the rest's bags if i were to purchase anything?? haaa..

ok, i am gonna zzz now. today's nip/tuck was really morbid.

tv series seem to be streaming more and more towards the CSI type genre.. but! they are showing 'SUPERNATURAL' on friday! Cool, then again, of all days? I'm never home on FRIDAYs! Arghhhhh!!!

my bed beckons, i really have to zzz...

be back on sun...miss me ya!! =)

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