Monday, December 18, 2006

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havent managed to blog for the past many days but managed to come up with a few sentences about work for the past week. it has been hectic due to a major boo boo.

from memory, i don't recall having worked so hard in my life. as someone said 'this one week of work is equivalent to what we have done in a year!' yes, it was tough indeed.

couldn't do much for the past couple of days except to stay late in office. managed however to go to a very nice yakitori restaurant @ Purvis street and had a wonderful dinner to celebrate mom's birthday. more about Shinryoku another. they have an excellent buffet ala carte menu. by far, the best i have eaten and i am excited to go back there again. everything is mouthwatering good and very authentic! the sashimi variety beats any other i have gone to so far! everyone who loves excellent and reasonably priced japanese food should visit this restaurant.

prior to the hectic week, i had my share of fun!!

friday (8 Dec)

caught 'happy feet' (finally) with DH and we waited for Cece to come to town after her very long absence. we then went over to JY's office to pick him up and went to east coast to meet veron and ck whom we thought we gonna join us at Dragonfly, but they didnt. so in the end, it was DH, JY, Cece and me zipping off to St. James to meet Jeanne and friends (who left her waiting and went over to Velvet)

my first ever visit to st. james powerhouse! I must say it's a really wonderful place to hangout. went to movida first as we could not get into the most talked about 'dragonfly'. the queue was freaking long and it looks like it's never ending. having to queue just dampens any clubber's mood. so we adjourned to movida. it's kinda like bala but slightly brighter and a lot of space for dancing. the band's pretty good and i must say the energy level's really high. my only grouse, the bartenders who act as if they are (@#(!@&#&! busy when they weren't. lots of points were taken off due to the lousy experience. the music's great and the crowd spontaneous. great party place! Kitty and Brendan joined us later. they were at dragonfly and had a darn hard time getting out of the place.

a while later, we went over to dragonfly and ohmigosh! it's damn huge! and the band's damn power just like what everyone else said it was. it's like you are in a rock concert! i enjoyed ever bit of it and so did the rest. even JY, who hardly said good stuff about a club actually said that he liked the place. i kinda guess that's gonna be our next hangout!! can't wait to go dragonfly when i'm back from cambodia!!

we then adjourned to geylang to have frog leg porridge and the night ended at around 4am in the morning i guess..

saturday (9 Dec)

woke up late and cooking for the potluck was delayed. was supposed to wake up early in the morning to thaw the minced meat i ended up waking at around 2ish. so everything got delayed and i had to rush. really rush. mad rush in fact and i needed to zip off to zoukout (yeah, managed to get the tickets in the end!! yAy!) the king and queen came to pick me up with little prince CJ being as active as ever and i made them waited for me for like 15 mins..opps!

in the car, queen and me were trying to keep the prince busy and play with him. he's one active dude! always curious, always moving about. pity didn't get a chance to take his pic. he's real adorable and very very cheeky. Damn smart too!

when we got to June's clubhouse it was around 7ish. i had to leave around 9 to meet Jeanne, kitty and DH for zoukout. so did some catch up with the team and had quite a bit of booze which was good haha, preparing to cheong at zoukout. had quite a couple of wine and we talked lots of rots and made funny jokes. was fun!

took cab to get down to harbourfront and met the girls. we waited for DH who was at a wedding dinner. by the time we reached sentosa, it was around 10 ish. messaged the guys where they were, and they said citi tent.. woah, didn't know we had a tent there! by the time we were there, the guys were pretty high. but we still took some funny pics (upload another day) and had loads to drink coz we had many booze coupons.

met Claire there as well and we were jumping like crazy coz it's exactly one year that we met each other in zoukout! Haa..the best thing, Citi tent was right in front of mambo and we danced like mad! the atmosphere totally rocked!!

we met other friends there too and for me many colleagues. but i totally enjoyed myself. was high but not pissed drunk. but the next morning, i woke up with aching calves. haa...which lasted like 2 days! i had difficulty walking...*boo hoo*

after the crazy party sessions, the hectic week began and i had not club for the whole week and even missed drinking session with the guys at bala..sighz..damn sad. but was at que pasa (met Jeanne and Moon Haze) and ICB on Sat (Dec 16) Got my sangria and beer fix. bumped into Meng and his friends and we just digged on chicken wings and shrimp dumplings.

thereafter went to Citylink with Hwee Chin and bought a pair of board shorts, a paul frank top and a spag strap tee from roxy coz they were @ 70% off!! I could not resist! in the earlier part of the morning, i bought a dress ($75) and 3 tops from MNG coz i just could not resist the sales when i went to pay my isetan credit card bills...sheesh! i really must stop shopping starting Jan.

now i am totally packed and ready for my cambodia trip, but it's just like rain, rain and more rain today. sheesh, the rainy season finally arrived!

off for a week, hope to take loads of pics and have limitless fun!

oh and i wanna watch 'a night in the museum' when i am back!!! Ben Stiller, sure darn funny! see ya all in a week!

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