Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm back!

back from Cambodia and the trip had been really fun! learnt lots of things and made many new friends from various parts of asia. fulfilling indeed, yet i wished we had more time to shop! I didn't managed to get many souvenirs as most stuff are also available in singapore. the weirdest thing is that there ain't a lot of 'tu chan' or erm local tidbits there. we all wanted to get some interesting tidbits, but couldn't find any. they have a lot of roadside stores selling bread and baguettes and they look amazingly delicious though none of us had the courage to try coz you know how terribly weak the stomach of people in developed countries are.

i foresee i'd be blogging about a lot of things and that's rather scary as they never seem to end. i'm still very tired coz the 6 da
ys in Cambodia was so packed with trips and events that we hardly have the time to rest!!!

so i'd prolly take my time to blog and put up the pics. i think i took about 300 to 400 pics and a couple of videos? Not sure, haven't uploaded them in my comp. good thing i have two more days of leave to rest before i return to work and i'd be on half day on Friday before the next long hols begin. nice!

last night's dinner was at Vino's and we didn't have a good experience yesterday night. not sure if it's coz of the waiter who said no to everything and didn't know his menu well or that i was rather concussed. anyhow, i realised that xmas without exchanging gifts will never feel like xmas. haa, will take note next year that we must have gift exchange to be in the mood.

@ sengkang chalet with the gang. checkout the stock of alcohol!
Merry X'mas!! the apple ice wine's excellent!

this week will be packed as well. it's dinner with office mates for farewell to a couple of colleagues on 28th. party at dragonfly on 29th (perhaps?).
dinner again on the 30th with everyone in the family. then it's to celebrate ET's birthday and then countdown party with rest of the gang. hmm...crazy week again.

and we are planning our next exotic trip to Laos next feb during the CNY hols. haha...gonna be fun again i guess!! Cannot wait!

oh and Merry Xmas everyone! time to take my rest again....*zzz*

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