Tuesday, December 26, 2006

more rain?!

there goes my plan for a dip in the pool and some sun. been away since the 19th and it was raining non stop then. came back and it was kinda dry, yesterday there was a tad of sun, and today? well, i guess the sun's not going to come out and i heard there were places which were flooded and that you can even pick up fishes in pasir ris?! Woah...happening!

came back and have been sending watery faxes. i have no idea why. but today's better. so i am happy. kenared quite a few mozzie bites when i was in cambodia and they fricking itched like crazy! argh, i am doing my best not to scratch them coz i don't want any scars!!

i have yet to unpack and my room's in a mess with clothes being dumped in heaps and two pretty big backpacks lying in two sides of the room. i haven't upload my pics too.

sheesh, so what have i been doing?

hmm..i think i was pretty much a bed potato again. lying in bed and plain lazing, not intending to do anything as yet and just checking out 'discovery travel and living'.

i shall go get my cam and start uploading some pics.

haa..in a short while.

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