Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day 1, part 1 - Phnom Penh

we arrived right on time without delay to phnom penh international airport. it was a bit confusing as we were still questioning where to get the customs form which the airline ran out of and if there's anything else we need to fill up. it was a bit chaotic but in the end we decided to just go to the immigration point and set off to meet JY's pals.

ann, me and DH @ Phnom Penh international airport

JY's friends welcomed us with open arms. but i guess i was pretty tired, coz i only had like 2 hours of sleep the night before so i hardly make much conversation. it was a bright sunny day, but it was very cooling, just like Genting without the mist.

when we reached our hotel which is the Royal Palace hotel, we dunk our bags and left off to visit the various palace in Phnom Pehn.

the royal place

okay, that's not our hotel. it's the first place we are supposed to visit but it was closed till later. so we visited the museum. photo taking isn't allowed in the museum, we saw various statues of hindu gods and buddhas etc. but we managed to sneak a couple of pics.

me with a handless statue (maybe apsara?)

half the group outside the museum

Thereafter, we headed off to lunch at a very nicely decorated makan place. Cannot remember the name but i think it's 'Saurin' or something which offers thai and khmer cuisine. the food was yummy and not very spicy and the rice was awfully fragrant that i had seconds and third servings!!

part of the decor of the restaurant

think it's coz of not enough sleep and after the hearty meal, i actually dozed off! after sitting for awhile and JY catching up with his mates, we set off to the museum.

shall blog about it another day and add the pics. haha~

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