Wednesday, December 06, 2006


went down to bala to meet DH, brendan and patrick and a few new friends. been awhile since i last visited bala and darn, for the past few times i visited, it was always the same band playing. not that they are lousy, just that the songs they play are rather routine. so after awhile, they are pretty standard and not much of a WOW factor.

haven't had beer for like a week and more. was yawning at work for like every half an hour today!!! CH said that it's prolly due to me having withdrawal symptoms kinda like due to the lack of alcohol. thought about it and hmm..he was right indeed!! i havent really drank for like a week!! sangria on Sat didn't count. it was more like lemonade than wine!! more about my weekend another day.

anyway, yeah after 3 bottles of asahi and a pint of hoegarden, i'd say my beer intake is cool for the week, but looks like for the next few days till the end of the week it's gonna be like more drinking and eating!!

might end up in mambo tomorrow to celebrate SK1's birthday. whether it happens or not really depends on her. then thurs we are gonna go Timbre and fri it's gonna be ICE COLD Beer!! I miss the shrimp dumplings and i haven't gotten my cert!!! on Sat it's a department gathering at June's place having beer, wine and choya and thereafter i'm prolly zipping off to Dragonfly @ St. James Powerhouse instead of Zoukout coz i didn't managed to get complimentary tickets since the person didn't exactly respond to my email.. =(

definitely looks packed! i wonder if i'd survive. concussed two days after the movie marathon, but it was great fun! Haa! more about that another day!

p.s: just realised that blogger has a new 'spell check' function...which is darn irritating!!!

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