Thursday, November 30, 2006

movie bonanza

venue: the Sohs' cosy place

destination: punggol

time: flexible

drink of the night: home made sangria

tidbit for the night: popcorn and whatever

movies for the night: ???

so we haven't decided what's gonna be airing, but we are all gonna bring our personal stash. we did agree on one thing though - to 'show' action pack movies and comedies, else no one will be able to tahan the whole night through without falling asleep.

and it's not supposed to be a drinking night, but seems like many of us had many bottles of red wine to contribute to the sangria. i'm trying my hand at making sangria, the receipes seemed simple enough. there's only that many ingredients and they are quite standard. though i am not sure if brandy is really necessary?

DH had the stellas in his boot and he said he'd bring it over, as well as the honey choya. i said no way coz ain't gonna let what happened couple of moons ago to happen again.

recall: puking of red wine in the early hours of the morning in the sink, soooooo very socially unacceptable and erm having to clean the sink off you own puke, EVEN WORSE AND UTTERLY GROSS!!

COLD has like 30 bottles of reds in his boot as well?! gosh, we ain't gonna drink till we are just a step closer to COLD's dimension are we?! Haa!!

looking forward to it, but my shoulders are aching again. darn!

* * *

check out these 'cold jokes aka leng xiao hua' questions:

qn: what do you call a deer which is blind?

ans: no idea (read: no-eye-deer)


qn: what do you call a deer which is stuck to the ground and blind?

ans: still no idea (read: still, no-eye-deer)


and now, for the finale...


qn: what do you call a deer stuck to the ground, mating and blind?

ans: still no f**king idea!

*think: crows flying by... warK, warK, warK...

ha ha ha!

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