Friday, December 08, 2006


couple of us met at timbre tonight. it was a place where some had been wanting to try out and see how it was like.

DH and me arrived early even after many loops that we went though. he thought that Timbre was at what is now 'Secret Garden' at Middle road, but Timbre is actually located at Armenian Street. Just opposite SMU and very near to the museum. in short, the old fat frog cafe.

since we were the earliest, we ordered their happy hour promo. a bottle of house wine @ $37 entitles you to a free vegetarian pizza (add $2 for more vege or $4 for more meat. any kind of meat ranging from beef, chicken to parma ham.) so we chose the parma ham topping and when the pizza arrived, it was quite a sight! it's actually pretty big and very very thin on the crust! however, it's not short of cheese nor parma ham. the most interesting thing is that the pizza were cut into diamond shapes instead of the normal triangular ones. i believe th reason is because the topping is too heavy for them to cut into long strips as such they settled for diamonds instead.

the pizza's really yummers! Shiok to the max! the cheesy toppings were heavenly, just nice and not too gelat! DH and me managed to finish one pizza on our own. one thing, it's got to be eaten whilst it's hot!!! @ an average of $17, the money's pretty well spent, especially when you order during HH!

thereafter, we ordered the chilli mussels. be warned, it's darn freaking spicy! i nearly teared and my face went totally red for sure. never expected it to be so damn bloody hot!!! you have to try to know it. think Mr Bean's seafood soup with loads more chilli. piangz, damn hiam lor!!! it's a unanimous agreement from all of us!! but it's quite shiok! (^_^)v

and of course, we had our usual crap sessions. this time we had more cold jokes.

qn: what's the difference between a mosquito and a fly?

ans: a mosquito can fly but a fly cannot mosquito.

*think: crows flying by again...waRk, waRk, waRk....*

then we planned for many up and coming programs.

later, we gonna go for 'Happy Feet' and then 3 monkeys to catch Kumar's performance.

Sat - to Dragonfly and maybe sneak into Zoukout for a short while.

Sun - CK suggested cycling @ pulau ubin.

next week:

Tues - to the new ikea for meatballs special night.

weekend - horse riding in JB.

sometime later, xmas eve: dinner at vino vinos with everyone.

even later - trip to the zoo in our old school uniforms in a chartered bus. i think this is gonna be damn fun!!

next year jan - catch the performance of an a capella group on the rooftop of YMCA.

woah.. hah i think it's getting really exciting. but before that, i cannot wait for my Cambodia trip. As JY mentioned, it's a short december, but it's gonna be a darn busy and exciting one!!


p/s: we finally managed to convince SK2 to come down from the 'mountains' through offers of TFS hampers (coz she mentioned she's not able to face anyone due to the long hours of 'meditation' and breathig really stale air.) and most of all, we told her that we still love her for how her present form is and what she has become. haha! *chang, chang, chang...SK's coming to town!!*

p/s again: coincidentally, 'SK' may refer to 'Santa Klaus' if spelt in malay, but of course, SK refers to something else. =)

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