Monday, November 13, 2006

Sangria on a lazy Sunday night

late in the evening, got a msn message from DH. let's go que pasa or ice cold beer. SX and hubby's gonna join us. it's a lazy sunday, didn't feel much like getting out of my ever cosy bed. didn't feel like getting out at 7pm or so. but i did feel like getting a dose of beer. haven't had beer for like weeks. so i replied ok.

reached que pasa at around 8.30pm. DH ordered Ice cold pizza and wings. the pizza was different from the usual, it was slightly more spicy and it was yumz! the sangria i must say was absolutely awesome!! better than the one i had in PS cafe. as Jeanne said it, it's slightly sweet but not overly sweet, just the right amount of lemonade, red wine and citrus fruits. i can have endless rounds of it and still want it. i love it and compliments well with the pizza! yum yum! great food and great drinks!

so we chatted about life and my blog. neither of them knew that i have transferred my blog nor have a blog. ok, it's email blasting time tomorrow.

digressing a bit..

it may seem to some that it's like i love to go around announcing my blog addy, yet i do it all in good fun. but i guess some people think otherwise. they think i like mass send my blog address for reasons i don't know what. trust me, i only think that remembering certain moments is worth writing a couple of words about it. i guess many people don't think the same as i do as such, i've stopped blogging about many things. it's also funny why the things i wrote about are being speculated as well. just ask me lah, piangz. asking from another person even if the person is a close friend will not yield the right answer..sheesh!

there! i just need to get that out. people, just don't understand me or even bother to understand me. tis' sad coz i've treated them as friends, yet they dont feel the same. disappointing, but whatever, that's in the past.

back to lazy sunday night.

after food, after sangria, we went over to ice cold beer. yeah, i need some mild beer. it would definitely complete the night and the week. so we watch the Reading and Spurs match and drank my hoe and chatted about Zoukout.

Reading 3, Spurs 1.

BBWC is gonna to be in a bad mood i gather and it's time i catch my zZzzz coz it's gonna be a one woman operation tomorrow. i am so looking forward to my massage on Tues...aWwww...i shall be patient.

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