Sunday, November 12, 2006

launch parties

went to 2 launch parties on Weds.

first one DH, mich and i went was the kirishi (i think that's the spelling) shochu @ No. 5 @ emerald. it was a japanese theme that night and the crowd was there early. when we reached at 7pm, we had to go upstairs away from the action of the crowd. how sad. they had their waiters and waitresses dressed as sumos, ninjas, samurais and nippon girls. it was fun! we had two sampling of this new shochu, first to make its appearance in singapore. had our usual chicken wings and ice cold beer pizza. but i wasn't in the mood to eat. didn't had much coz i was eagerly awaiting Mr Tree's reply as to whether he wanted to go for the clear plat launch party @ velvet. of which, subsequently, he called and our conversation ended that he's going out to drink elsewhere coz he's been to a couple of bad launch parties. sighz, i didn't persuade further...

another reason was also because DH was telling mich and me about this report on the newspaper that this girl who went to genting and sat on one of the rides, (the type where you had to go all the way up and thereafter, being dropped from a high altitude) got her scalp pulled off and died an instant death due to her pony tail being caught onto some part of the machine somehow. nobody knew nor can do anything. those people around her of coz screamed coz the blood just splurt to their faces. the rest of the people just screamed coz of the adrenaline rush. so how gross is this? even how yumz the wings and pizza were, i couldn't take much. extreme grossness!! but DH had such fun relating the story. yucks!

we proceeded to Velvet for the launch party of the Citibank Clear Platinum Card . It was really great! the drinks just kept flowing non stop and we ordered countless glasses of white wines. van, amy and edel came later and the guys arrived as well. Criss crossed between friends and colleagues and bosses, and the party began. there was also a guest appearance by Jonathan Leong and he looks as good as he is on tv and he sang my current fave song by 'snow patrol' - 'chasing cars'.

drank and chatted and moved about. was kinda tipsy by then.

the girls smsed and asked if wanted to go over to zouk. mich, DH and me then adjourned over. before going into zouk, i enrolled for the biometrics feature which is the first of it's kind for any cards in SG. i was extremely high and whilst going through the whole process, mich videoed it and was really hilarious! there was one point in time when the girl at the station was assisting me to key in my NRIC number and i was ready to tell her my number when she started to key the numbers in. then i asked 'how you know my NRIC number?' to which mich and DH were laughing and the girl had i guess this puzzled look in her face and replied ' gave me your NRIC and your clear plat card.' i was like..'oh'. that was how high i was. sheesh!

had more drinks at zouk. didn't even remembered that i drank E33. i was that gone. at one point in time, my memories blanked out. can't remember a single thing for the period. but i must say the mambo music that night was great and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

the morning after however was terrible. plus was late for work as i had to do something prior to that. and i nearly died when i was in the office! i was suffering from a freaking terrible hangover!! i couldn't exactly focus so i went around asking for help and i managed to get some miracle pill from Crystal and survived the pounding headache till the end of day.

we also had to attend this lengthy VOE briefing, vanny and me nearly fell asleep! in short, we could not wait to go home. but the pill really cleared me of my headache and discomfort! it was wonderful!!

i'd leave such intense drinking till the end of the week next time. it's coz i am getting old and no longer working shift hours. continuing this type of sessions on a week day, i'd never be able to even crawl out of bed. haa~ but i'm glad we enjoyed every single bit of it!!

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