Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nihon Jikan

i'd switch on to Japan Hour every Sunday morning without fail. if i am ever at home on Saturday evenings, i'd catch it instead of watching the repeats.

i love Japan hour and almost all the time, wish that i'm in Japan instead of Singapore. every week they will have couples or families visiting various parts of japan. from the very typical japanese inns or what they call the 'ryokan' to hotels with excellent hot springs, food and amazing view of the oceans or the forests. but best of all, the life seafood which were caught and consumed immediately or on the day itself. that really looks like pure heaven and i'd die happy!

this week, there's this Shima hotel they visited via express bus. the sight is really breathtaking! from the camera angle that they shot the view, it looks like a scene in LOTR. anyway, it's like this hotel, hidden in the mountains, with pure, white snow covering the leafless trees and snow capped mountains being the backdrop of the whole picture.

maybe it's the beauty of the snow falling down and the hosts walking around various parts of the area near the hotel. it makes me want to take pics of everything that came into sight!!

and last week or a couple of weeks ago, the hosts visited this place where they harvest oyster. think it's a wholesale market. then there's this eatery where u pay a sum of money, cannot remember how much, you are given 45 mins worth of time to eat as many oysters as you can. the interesting thing about this oyster meal is that the guests are served with a huge heap of oysters which are still in their shells, spreaded on a huge hot plate and the oysters are cooked over the hot plate,which is really hot and you'd have to eat as fast as possible. the heap is prolly about 40 oysters and above. which is what a normal person can be able to consume. there are others who can eat at least 60!!!


AwwWwww...i wanna go Japan again!!!

i'll see how it goes, maybe try to slot in a visit in March coz DH says he might be going there. i wanna feel cool weather and see some cherry blossoms and take many pics!!

hmm...about time i get a good SLR?


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