Saturday, November 18, 2006


penguins! my favourite animal! hollywood just came up with a show that's all about singing and dancing penguins. with big names like Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, Hugo Weaving, Nicole Kidman and Robbin Williams, i wouldn't miss the show for nuts!

watched the trailers of 'Happy Feet' and went crazy over 'mumble' the penguin. he is just soooooooooo fluffy!! the voice for mumble is elijah wood. Coolz. but i prefer the kiddy 'mumble'.

i want a Mumble cuddly stuff toy for Christmas!!!!!!

with the smallish head, smallish round eyes, cuddlely b
ody full of fluffy tiny feathers, small tiny feet and two long flipper wings. he is just sooo cute!

i'm gonna catch the show, prolly get SIMmers and we watch in one whole big group. or ahem, if i am ever lucky, watch it with HWSNBN aka Tree aka Addiction, but i pretty much doubt that it will ever
happen. . .but i'm hoping it will happen. haa, dreaming again.

anyhow, i leave you guys with this link and here's a pic of Mumble!!

AwwWww... so unbelievably adorable!!! November 23 it shall be!

courtesy of warner bros

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