Monday, November 20, 2006

mani, pedi and X-sell

so i went for my express mani and pedi @ Fave nails @ Citylink. booked myself an appointment last week when i went to get my pair of sexy heels from VNC. the shop is just opposite, so i decided to check it out. $40 bucks for express mani and pedi, kinda cheap i thought, so i made an appointment with them.

and today's the day. actually, i am rather pleased with just express mani and pedi. though it's done within an hour, i am happy with that. for i realised long, long time ago, i aint a gal who can sit still for hours just doing mani and pedi. i tend to fidget quite a bit and usually, the masterpiece of the manicurist would be somewhat destroyed. that's why i don't see the point of paying for packages.

my nails always end up disasterous!!

for $15 bucks, i got a swift massage, which was pretty good. got to choose colour from the OPI range and i chose peachy pink for both my finger and toe nails so that it'd prolly match my dress for thur's wedding dinner i will be attending. then i had a good scrub for my feet and the normal nail cutting, buffing and polishing. that's for $25 bucks, which is not bad!

then, the manicurist x-sold waxing. she said that currently they have a promo where for $27 (after 10% discount) i can have my legs waxed. hmm, not a bad idea, i'd try. and she was so convincing.

'you must try', she said. 'you'd really see the difference immediately!'

tried i did.

after she peeled off part of the wax (yes, i was anticipating pain, but it wasn't painful) i noticed the difference. just like she said! the part that was being waxed, was really fairer than the unwaxed part and of course, it felt wonderful! totally hairless and utterly smooth! time i'd prolly do the whole leg. i can already feel the difference now. nice!

thereafter, she said that there's this cream which makes hair growth thinner and finer. after constant application for like maybe a year or two, the hair will totally disappear. deceptive, but i still bought it. afterall, it's only $65 bucks. much cheaper than many other places which i have visited. well, it's big enough to prolly last for a couple of months, so we'll see how it goes and it's ok to apply to any part of the body.

a supposedly cheap mani and pedi, turned out to be around $130 bucks. hmm.. so much for pampering myself. think this weds, i will skip scrubing when i go for massage.

hmm...lemme just check my credit card transactions...i might still want to go for that scrub.

haa =)

oh, and 'Nip/Tuck' is really interesting!

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